5 Lazy Business Ideas – Art of Laziness

Are you tired of the 9 to 5 grind? Do you daydream of being your own boss, but the thought of putting in long hours and hard work makes you break out in a cold sweat?

Well, fear not my fellow lazy comrades! In this blog post, I’m going to share with you 5 lazy business ideas that require about as much effort as it takes to reach for the remote control.

These business ideas are perfect for those who want to make some extra cash without breaking a sweat, and let’s be real, who doesn’t love the idea of making money while lounging on the couch in their sweatpants?

So, grab a bag of chips, kick up your feet, and let’s get started on your journey to becoming a successful (and lazy) entrepreneur!

Idea 1: Automated Subscription Box Curator

Lazy Business Ideas

This business idea involves creating an online service that automates the process of selecting and curating subscription boxes for customers based on their preferences.

Why Is It Perfect for Lazy People?

This business idea is perfect for lazy people because it eliminates the need for customers to spend time researching and selecting subscription boxes on their own. By automating the process, customers can simply provide their preferences and the service will handle the rest.

This saves customers time and effort while still providing them with a personalized selection of subscription boxes.

Investment and ROI

The initial investment for this business will largely depend on the technology used to automate the subscription box selection process, as well as the marketing and advertising costs to promote the service.

The ROI will depend on the pricing model chosen and the number of customers acquired.

Here is an example table chart showing an estimated investment and ROI:

Website and Subscription Box Curator Development$10,000
Marketing and Advertising$5,000
Total Investment$15,000
Monthly Subscription Cost$25
Monthly Subscription Box Sales (100 customers)$2,500
Monthly Expenses (including box costs and shipping)$1,500
Monthly Profit$1,000
Monthly ROI (at 100 customers)6.67%
Break-Even Point (at 100 customers)15 months

Note: These investment and ROI estimates are for illustrative purposes only and may vary depending on a number of factors such as pricing, customer acquisition, and operating expenses.

Idea 2: Niche Content Curation Website

Lazy Business Ideas

A niche content curation website is a platform that specializes in curating content on a specific topic or theme. The website can feature articles, videos, podcasts, and other forms of media that are carefully selected and organized for the target audience.

Perfect Business Idea for Lazy People

This business idea is perfect for lazy people because it can be run from the comfort of your own home. All you need is a computer, an internet connection, and the ability to curate and organize content.

Since the website can be built using a content management system (CMS), you don’t even need to know how to code. Plus, since the website is based on curation, you don’t need to create original content from scratch, which saves time and effort.

Approximate Investment and ROI in a Table Chart

$500 for website development and hosting50% in the first year
$100 for marketing and advertising75% in the second year
$100 for content curation tools and resources100% in the third year

The investment required for starting a niche content curation website is relatively low, with the bulk of the cost being allocated towards website development and hosting.

As the website gains traction and generates revenue through advertising and affiliate marketing, the ROI can be significant, with a projected ROI of 50% in the first year, 75% in the second year, and 100% in the third year.

However, these figures are approximate and can vary depending on factors such as niche, audience size, and competition.

Idea 3: Online Course Creation

Online Course Creation is a business idea where you create courses on a particular topic and sell them online. This can be done through platforms like Udemy, Teachable, and others. Online courses are a popular way for people to learn new skills and acquire knowledge at their own pace.

Why this business is perfect for a lazy person:

Online Course Creation is perfect for lazy people because it allows them to work from home and create courses on their own schedule. They don’t have to worry about commuting to an office or dealing with clients in person. This business idea also has a low overhead cost, making it accessible for those who don’t want to invest a lot of money upfront.

Approximate investment and ROI in a table chart:

Content creation tools (camera, microphone, editing software)Varies depending on the quality of the equipment
Online course platform subscription fee (Udemy, Teachable, etc.)$29-$99/month
Marketing and advertisingVaries depending on strategy and budget
Total InvestmentVaries
Approximate ROI$100-$1000+ per course

Note: ROI can vary greatly depending on the quality of the course, marketing efforts, and demand for the topic. It is important to do thorough research before investing time and money into this business idea.

Idea 4: Print-on-Demand Merchandise Store

A print-on-demand merchandise store is an online store that offers custom-designed merchandise. The business model allows customers to purchase a product with a design of their choosing, which is then printed and shipped directly to them.

This business model eliminates the need for inventory and storage space since products are printed on demand.

Why this business is perfect for a lazy person

This business is perfect for a lazy person because it requires minimal effort in terms of inventory management, shipping, and fulfillment.

The business can be run entirely online, allowing the owner to work from home or anywhere with an internet connection. Additionally, the print-on-demand model eliminates the need for physical inventory, as products are only created when they are ordered.

This means that the owner doesn’t have to worry about storing and managing a large inventory of products, which can be time-consuming and require physical effort.

Approximate Investment and ROI

Investment in a print-on-demand merchandise store can vary depending on the products offered, the platform used to sell them, and the marketing strategy employed.

However, as a rough estimate, the table below outlines the investment and potential ROI for a print-on-demand merchandise store.


ExpenseApproximate Cost
E-commerce platform subscription$30/month
Website development and design$500 – $2000
Product designs and branding$500 – $1000
Marketing (social media, ads)$500 – $1000
Total Investment$1530 – $3530


RevenueApproximate Monthly Revenue
Product Sales$5000 – $10,000/month
Profit Margin (after product cost and platform fees)25% – 50%
Total Monthly Profit$1250 – $5000

It’s important to note that the ROI for a print-on-demand merchandise store can vary depending on factors such as product pricing, marketing strategy, and customer base.

However, the low investment required to start the business and the potential for high ROI make it an attractive option for those who want to start a business without too much physical effort.

Idea 5: Dropshipping E-commerce Store

A dropshipping e-commerce store is an online store where the owner doesn’t physically hold inventory. Instead, the owner selects products to sell from a supplier’s inventory and lists them for sale in their store.

When a customer places an order, the supplier ships the product directly to the customer. The store owner earns a profit selling the product for a higher price than they pay the supplier.

Why this Business is Perfect for a Lazy Person:

Dropshipping is perfect for a lazy person because it requires minimal effort and investment compared to traditional retail businesses. With a dropshipping store, there’s no need to worry about inventory management, packing, shipping, or handling returns.

This means that the store owner can focus on marketing and growing their business without the hassle of day-to-day operations.

Additionally, a dropshipping store can be managed entirely online, meaning that the owner can work from anywhere, at any time. This flexibility allows for a more relaxed lifestyle and can be a great way to earn a passive income without the need for constant supervision.

Approximate Investment and ROI in a Table Chart:

InvestmentApproximate Cost
E-commerce Platform$29/month
Domain Name and Hosting$10-$20/month
Product Research Tools$10-$30/month
Marketing Expenses$500-$1000/month
Total Investment$549-$1479
ROIApproximate Percentage
Year 120-30%
Year 230-50%
Year 3+50%+

Note: The above investment and ROI estimates are approximate and may vary depending on various factors such as the niche, marketing strategy, and product selection.


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